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The marriage rate has plunged 50% since 1970.  >  Half of all new marriages end in divorce.  >  Cohabitation diverts tens of millions of the marriage eligible from ever marrying.  >  Those who marry after living together are 50% more likely to divorce.  >  More than 5.4 million couples live together outside of marriage.  > 
40% of children are born out-of-wedlock.  They are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than those in intact homes and 4 times more likely to be expelled from school or jailed.  >  Only 45% of teenagers live with their married mother and father.  >  Every divorce destroys a tiny civilization  > 
Preparing a man and a woman for a lifetime of successful marriage.
CMP Resources:
Learn from Other's Successes
Here you will find many useful tools to help you plant and sustain a CMP in your community.

Resources Available Shortly

  • Watch "How to Cut Divorce Rates in Churches and Cities."
  • Sample CMP Covenant [.doc]
  • Sample press release for the signing [.doc]
  • An introductory letter to send to local clergy [.doc]
  • An introductory brochure for recruiting mentor couples [.pdf]