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The marriage rate has plunged 50% since 1970.  >  Half of all new marriages end in divorce.  >  Cohabitation diverts tens of millions of the marriage eligible from ever marrying.  >  Those who marry after living together are 50% more likely to divorce.  >  More than 5.4 million couples live together outside of marriage.  > 
40% of children are born out-of-wedlock.  They are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than those in intact homes and 4 times more likely to be expelled from school or jailed.  >  Only 45% of teenagers live with their married mother and father.  >  Every divorce destroys a tiny civilization  > 
Preparing a man and a woman for a lifetime of successful marriage.
CMP Success Stories:
Modesto, California
CMP Stories
Modesto, CA
In Modesto, California, 95 pastors, priests and a rabbi signed America’s first Community Marriage Policy in 1986. They well exceeded their goal “to radically reduce the divorce rate in their area churches.” Here’s what happened:
  • The Stanislaus County (Modesto’s metro area) divorce rate was cut 56%! This was the finding of the Institute for Research & Evaluation in comparing the rate during the three years before the CMP was adopted to the rate for 2001 (the most recent date covered by the data). This means the Modesto area is saving more that 1600 marriages a year that likely would have ended in divorce. In their CMP Covenant, the signing clergy said it was their “responsibility to set minimum requirements to raise the quality of the commitment in those we marry.” An unanticipated outcome also occurred. CMP signers began attending an annual four day “prayer summit” and meeting weekly for prayer. They began to develop a stronger sense of “the Church in Modesto” and not just the particular churches in Modesto.
  • Modesto’s marriage rate increased 12% while the U.S. rate has been plunging. Nationally, the rate has plummeted 43% since 1970, an 18% decline since Modesto’s CMP was signed in 1986. Though it took until 1995 for a significant increase in yearly marriages to manifest, the number of yearly marriages more than doubled from 1994 to 2003.